Sunday, 21 February 2010

Autumn flowers lariat

With half a metre snow covering everything, there's no sign of spring flowers around here. Luckily, I have a lot of flower beads to look at instead. (Though, I rather see snowdrops right now.)

This is a short lariat I made last summer from flowers and leaves I just had to buy for the lovely autumn colours. Or, the flowers I bought for the clear warm colours, the leaves I chose because they were on sale. And sort of matched the flowers with their green-and-topaz and black diamond hues.

Flowers and put on headpins while the leaves are directly knotted to the cord. I've used three strands of dark brown vaxed linen, which was braided before the foral beads was knotted onto the ends on both sides, forming a heavy tassel. To prevent the braid from unravelling, I made an over-hand knot on both sides first, before adding beads. I also added groups of one flower and two leaves on both sides before making the lariat "tassels".

This was more of an experimental design so there are things I'm not completely satisfied with, but I like the colours and will probably make something similar in the future.

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