Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Behind a bead photo II: the bling ring

I wrote about hugs & kisses, the bead technique/pattern, at my other blog and so I had to have a pic to illustrate the post. Only thing I had was a ring I made years ago with my then-new siam 2xAB 6 mm bicones. And at that time I'd used black Illusion cord, one of the few cords I owned back then, to make it. Not stored in the best of ways -- none of my selfmade jewellery is -- the cord had been bent and flattened into an odd shape. Didn't look good for a photo. I didn't even take a pic of it that way as I wasn't planning on writing this post...

So what did I do? Once I used a narrow torch as a ring mandel, photographing a bead ring. This ring was not large enough for that. But large enough to fit over a Gütermann bead tube I borrowed from my sis. First, I put the ring over the tube as in the pic below, but I did not like having the blue seed beads and plastic tube in the background.

But Illusion cord can be stretched and by doing that -- but not so much it damaged the ring -- I could place the ring around the wider lid of tube. A lid about the same height as the ring. Turning the top with the sticker down I got a simple and unobtrusive "ring display" for my shot.

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