Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sparrow's compass scroll pendant

Remember the Vintaj blanks I wrote about earlier, the ones I got from a Vintaj blog giveaway? Well I've been playing some more with them.

This time I was looking for a way to use my lovely Sparrow's compass (23 mm). I didn't want to link it, glue it or just suspend it with a jump ring or bail. The latter would also mean it wouldn't hang the way I wanted. Yesterday I found that one of my blanks was the perfect size to use as a backdrop to the compass, also providing a hole for suspending the pendant. As said, I didn't want to glue the compass in place so instead I got the idea to take a large four-petal bead cap and use it to capture the compass, similar to filigree wrapping.

I flattened the bead cap and rolled the tips of the petals inwards. Slightly tricky, but not difficult to add the blank and compass. And a result I'm pretty pleased with. I added scroll to the name as I thought the rolled up petals reminded of paper scrolls.

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