Friday, 5 February 2010

I want tila beads!

I was about to get off the computer last night when I suddenly got this idea into my head that I would check out Miyuki's website as I hadn't done that in some time. And what do I find? Miyuki just announced they're making a new bead shape: the tila bead. I got so excited!

I have a soft spot for 2-hole beads eventhough I don't use them that often. Mostly because I find I just string or link the beads like in my Victorian Amethyst set. But the tila beads are different: they're especially made to be used in bead-weaving and the photos are very inspirational. Just look at the one above -- don't that pic just make you drool and wish the beads were available right now?

And as that wasn't enough, Miyuki also offers more durable galvy beads, Duracoat galvanized, that I'm eager to try out as well. Then BeadSmith tempts me with their new bead mixes Bead Soup Hearthy, which mix lovely Miyuki beads with another favourite of mine: czech pressed-glass beads. (And if you didn't already know it, Miyuki also make the pretty long magatama beads I used in my Golden Glow crochet bracelet.)

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