Monday, 15 February 2010

More brass blanks: Decopatch paper pendants

So... more Vintaj brass blanks and more decoupage. This time I've used Decopatch papers, which are rather thin (like printed tissue paper) so the dark brass shows through somewhat and makes the motifs blend with the background. Using a decoupage glue with a slight "antique" yellow tint made the blend even more effective. The glue is rather thick so applying it on the paper, the brush made marks making it feel almost like a painting.

I plan on keeping the pendant on the right as it is, but wanted to make something more with the square pendant. Using the decoupage as a background. At first I thought I might add one of my paper flowers, but after preparing it (dipping several times in different lacquers) I didn't feel it matched the pendant. Instead I began thinking about adding more brass. For example a tiny swallow charm, also from Vintaj.

I also made a tiny pendant, only partially covered by a blue and golden piece of decopatch paper. This is more a first try, not so sure I'll use it as it is right now. I think the paper I used above would blend better and make a smoother "fading" from paper to metal.

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