Thursday, 18 February 2010

An earring display

So, I don't usually wear earrings as I don't have pierced ears. Therefore I rarely make earrings. The few I have made are displayed as seen in the photo above. I got a wooden circle with pierced-out scroll pattern on a sale at a craft shop. Originally, they're meant to be painted and/or embellished and used as ornaments for a window or wall. I figured the scrolled would make it useful as a display. As I've got both ear hooks, studs and clip-ons, a earring display fitting my needs would have to be versatile. And this one is.

Why so few pairs? Well, as I said, I can't wear ear hooks, but sometimes I use earrings to illustrate a tip, technique or point I want to make. And I'm too lazy to make a pair of something I can't wear. Sometimes I've also only had enough supplies to make one earring...

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