Monday, 8 February 2010

Hearts or leaves?

For today's post over at my other blog, I began stitching a version of Dustin Wedekind's Chains of Love. As I wanted to use larger beads than the usual 11/0 I had to try and find some 8/0 in my stash came up with two matching colours. Both green. So my hearts look more like leaves -- something I like, though. And it only goes to show how much color is part of how we perceive a shape. Make them in red (as in the original chain) and there's no doubt they look like hearts. Make them in green and I won't be the only one seeing a chain of leaves.

According to Kate Smith green can be associated with love, see her article The Color of Love -- Green or Red? at Sensational Color.


  1. Whether it is hearts or leaves I like the beading pattern and the colors you chose.

    Thanks for mentioning the article on my website. ~Kate

  2. I really like reading about colour so of cause I wanted to tip about you website, which I always enjoy reading.

    Thanks for your words about my heart/leaf chain.


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