Monday, 22 February 2010

Cute cat beads

I sort of collect cat beads (along with dragon and bat beads). I love cats so of cause I began buying cat-related beads and jewellery findings when I became a beader. Later I realised I rarely used my cat and dragon beads. They were too pretty. So now, instead of a bead stash I call it a collection.

The sweetie above is a tiny Peruvian ceramic cat bead from a mix -- or litter if you prefer that -- of fun cats in all sorts of colours. Yet another thing I bought with the money I won over at the R&T blog (which I've already mentioned).

Below is a Chinese porcelain cat I got from an eBay seller. The thing with these porcelain cats and especially the lucky cats/maneki nekos is that there always seems to be a diffent one: new posture, new colour, new patterns etc. I can never get one of each type of cat bead made. Every seller is bound to have a version slighly different from all the ones I already have. Which makes me want to buy that one as well...

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