Wednesday, 10 February 2010

"Trick sennit" bead bracelet

Making a loose "trick sennit" is my favourite way of getting that feeling of twisted "ruffled" necklaces or bracelets without actually having to twist the strands. I found the instructions at the website of the International Guild of Knot Tyers and soon realised it would be useful for my beadwork. It doesn't require twisting or braiding strands without fastening the first, making it a simple method you can't go wrong with. You can divid the strands into three (as I've done above) or weave through each and every strand. You can weave a couple of times for a loose style or keep working until you get a tighter braid.

The colours of the bracelet in the photo might need a few comments as well. I got a colour challenge to use a mix of yellow, orange and dark pink (rose). It toook a while for me to find matching colours -- it's not a combo I normally use -- but I think my mix of carnelian chips, smokey topaz gold luster cubes, and dk rose lined lt topaz luster 11/0 seeds turned out better than I could wish to hope for.

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