Sunday, 7 February 2010

February snow

We got even more snow this week (up to the windowsills in some places) so of cause, when it was followed by a sunny day, my sis and I grabbed our cameras and went for a stroll. Mimi met up with us, but fled home when a car came -- the high walls of snow along the road made it impossible for her to escape the car so she ran in front of it all the way home. Luckily the driver was very understanding, driving slow and not stressing her by honking or anything like that.

Temperature keep going up and down, resulting in two layers of isicles hanging from our roof.

We soon gave up walking through the snowy fields and lawn as the snow reached us above the knees -- and at that point we were walking on snow, not the ground, som the actual depth of the snow was bigger. But first we stalked some birds up in the trees (thank god for 12x zoom).

If the views look new it's because we followed the road instead of walking across the fields as we usually do.

As you can see, we are always out rather late in the afternoon so this time we were hoping for some great shots of the sun beginning to set over the peninsula of Kullen, or more precisely over Kullaberg.

Going closer, we could capture the pink, orange and yellow tones better. Notice the boat in the first pic below?

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