Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Art Bead Scene giveaway (and 7000 bracelets)

If you read Art Bead Scene Blog -- which is a very good read -- you know they have monthly design challenges. Well, this month is a bit special as the ABS team challenge for July isn't just about designing inspired by the chosen artwork, as per usual, but it's also about creating blue bracelets for the 7000 Bracelets for Hope project. Their goal is to have ABS challenge participants donating 200 bracelets during the July challenge.

If you follow/read my other blog, you've already heard about this so why am I repeating myself here, were I rarely write about the monthly design challenges? Well, because, in an effort to spread the word as much as they can, The ABS team have teamed up with a few sponsors to have bonus giveaways throughout the month. The first giveaway -- which might be of interest to those of you that like my patina posts -- is a collection of components donated by Melinda Orr (see pic above). If you want a chance to win these mouthwatering pieces, check out this post on the Art Bead Scene Blog.

Good luck!

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