Thursday, 12 July 2012

More patina: the back

I took these pics thinking they'd end up in one of the previous patina posts. Just a "by the way, check out the back of that stamping" I just sealed, but it didn't happen so why not show it here?

On the left is the back of the brass stamping I first buried in vinegar-soaked sawdust and then torched (see this post). Classic red heat patina. As you can see, the patina looks very different on the side you torch compared to the back, which is turned away from the heat source. To get a similar patina on both sides, you need to apply the heat on both sides. I prefer the colours/patterns being different so I almost always only apply heat on one side (usually the front).

On the right (in the first pic) is the burnt back of the heat patina and gesso stamping featured here. It's burnt because I originally wanted to use it as a cabochon glued to a bead embroidery foundation and therefore filled it with white/hobby glue. I didn't use it and so when I wanted to play around with patinas I had to get the glue out and the easiest way -- after having tried to pry it out -- was to heat it enough to melt it. Probably not the most healthy way to do it, but I was careful (not recommending this method to others!). The burning happened later when applying the heat patina.

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