Thursday, 19 July 2012

Just a stone

So while working in the potato fields, I collect stones from time to time. Some I pick straight from the ground during the breaks, others I pick from the conveyor belt on the machine. Apart from the flints, which are my all-time favourites, this stone must be my best find. Just really fell for the striped pattern and multiple colours.

Other stones are trickier: you don't really see the colours and patterns unless you wet (or polish) the stone. Sometimes when it's wet, you pick up a pretty stone and put it in the pocket. Then, when looking at it later, it looks just so drab and dull, you wonder why you picked it up. At that point it's important not to throw away the stone (I usually cull them a bit, can't take them all with me) but to try and find out if it has a hidden potential. Ordinairy stones can be fab if you just keep them long enough to give them a tumble.

Unfortunately, I don't have a saw or grinder so there's no way for me to cut these stones for use in jewellery, but some of them are small enough to wire-wrap into pendants, put in a setting or bead a bezel for. The one in the above pic, however, isn't.

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  1. Beautiful stripes and the colors are perfect. I love to pick stones when on the beach or on a shore, and put them in simple glass containers with water to keep the colors alive. Sometimes together with shells and other lovely small things. I keep carrying home small stones from my travels abroad. This one seems beautiful enough to look at without wetting it. Milka


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