Monday, 30 July 2012

Cat photo of the week

This is for those of you who want to see more cat pics on the blog. Sometimes it's hard to tell that we have about a dozen cats, just judging from the number of cat pics here...

This here is the kitten that so far only goes by the nickname Snuttis. Not much of a name*, but so far it's all we've got. With Sötis gone, Snuttis is his brother's, Ulle-gull's, only playmate (Ulle-gull is an even worse name than Snuttis* -- so sorry, Ulle-gull!). Snuttis mommy is called Mimi -- you can see a photo of her e.g. here.

On Flickr I call this photo Solkatt. That literally translates to "sun cat" (which is exactly what you see in the photo, a cat in sun, though the photo editing has made the background darker than in the original), but it's actually a swedish word for reflections of the sun that you can see e.g. on a wall or ceiling.

Despite the headline I've no real intention to post a new cat pic every week as some sort of weekly feature. The name of the post just sort of happened. I could probably be persuaded to do such a feature if someone begged me or if there were an overwhelming interest, but it's nothing that's planned.

* = Snuttis is a term of endearment and a diminutive used for cute little pets or sometimes human babies. Not sure exactly how to translate it. Snutte and snuttis are also diminutives for comfort objects (snuttefilt = security blanket). Ulle-gull means something along the lines of woolly-cutie. But in Swedish it at least rhymes. Sötis, as mentioned earlier, means sweetie and is also a diminutive.


PS! A comment on an earlier post reminded me that I still haven't published a "Potato season part 2" post (on potato harvest; I sometimes get questions about the machines and while it can feel like a dull subject to me, some are really curious). Will do that soon. I think. No promises, but I've had the photos since last year so it's about time to show them.


  1. I think the pretty names sound alright for kittens. Of course I know you have a special method for giving your cats their proper names. I think it takes some time before you know what a cat should be called, because in the beginning they are kittens and their personalities develop when they grow. I wouldn't mind seeing cat pics here. After all, you live with them and they are a part of your live. And I wouldn't mind reading more about potato harvest and the machines. It is so interesting to read about it! There seems to be an interest among your readers for your seasonal work and how it is done. More cat pics and more potato pics, please!

  2. It's always a nice surprise to find cat pics among your photos. So, why not? I'd love to se more of your cats.


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