Friday, 13 July 2012

Sunshowers, thunder and a rainbow

I was supposed to be working today, but it's just been raining too much. Last year we did work during some really rainy days: that ended with the harvester -- after some slipping and sliding where it was at a rather unwanted angle against the tractor -- stuck in the mud. So it's better to wait for the fields to dry out a bit. And it could've been worse. Much worse. In Småland (the province just northeast of were I live) they've had a real downpour. Today in the farmer's paper Land Lantbruk you could find pics of what the potato fields there looked like: the farmer on the cover found fish in her fields. Check it out here.

So instead of just posting the post prepared yesterday (the leaves), I just had to show my crummy rainbow pics from last afternoon. In between the rain showers a huge double rainbow appeared. Not the biggest or brightest rainbow I've ever seen, but it's always fun to get double rainbows on photo.

Thunder and rain in south and east (the way I'm faced taking the above pic) and sun in the west.


  1. Lovely photos as always, Maneki. You were lucky to catch the grey clouds heavy with water, the red farm buildings and and the greenery in this special light. The double rainbow is the crowning glory of the moment.Anna

    1. Thanks! I was sitting on my room when I noticed a fab light on the white roses by the barn so I grabbed my camera and looked out the window. That's how I discovered the rainbow. So it was indeed a lucky coincidence (though my sis soon came and told me too as she'd seen it as well so even if I hadn't looked out the window I wouldn't have missed it -- unless she hadn't seen it too).


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