Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Simple fibre bracelet

No, it's not actually a bracelet I've made, but I did use it as one -- after having untwisted it and folded it in half twice -- while sorting beads yesterday. Not folded at all it would make a light-weight long necklace. What it is? Well, I thought I'd let you figure it out yourself, but on the other hand it's just so easy for anyone working with hand-dyed fibres and for those who don't use fibre it's perhaps something they never knew existed. So I'm telling you anyway:

It's an Oliver Twist One Off skein, a mix of hand-dyed cotton and rayon threads including ribbon yarn, braided threads, bouclé, metallic rayon chain etc. They are fun to buy as you get such an interesting mix of textures and thread types. And the space-dyed colours are usually fab (though unfortunately not always guaranteed colourfast). 

Unless you do a lot of mixed media embroidery -- which I don't -- some of the fibres can have you stumped at times, but the good thing is that the thick skeins often looks so pretty just as they are: you can just see them as little treasures that you take up and stroke (mumbling 'my precious') from time to time without actually using them in a project.

PS! If you've followed this blog for a while, you might've seen the bouclé brass chain, which I made from bouclé rayon yarn taken from a Stef Francis' texture collection "multi-skein". Multi-skein being her name for skeins of mixed threads/yarns.


  1. Those skeins of mixed yarns and ribbons are SO covetable, aren't they? Impossible to resist. Lovely to play with...and then hide and save for the perfect project. The project.

  2. Those fibers look so pretty bundled together like that! I could see a gorgeous multi-strand necklace made of those materials.


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