Sunday, 15 July 2012

Resist patina

I've been playing with my patinas today too and thought I'd just show a somewhat more successful example of resist patina (as mentioned in yesterday's post One more patina'd bronze tag). This time I used some sort of LOS (liver of sulfur) mixture I bought ages ago and had forgotten about. Because the sticker was left on for a much shorter period of time it was easy to peel off and there were no glue residues to remove, risking to harm the patina in the process. The surface of the tag was also sanded to get more of a tooth so the patina would stick better.

As with e.g. etching, though, you should avoid stickers with narrow lines. In this case I really just had to go with whatever sticker fit the small size of the bronze tag. Next time I'll get some bigger metal blanks to work with so I can be more picky in my choice of sticker and so I can create bigger images. (But it looks slightly better IRL than in these huge close-ups I show you.)

I also dug up this from the vinegar-soaked sawdust. It's a tag I'd partially dipped in copper brown embossing powder one day because I was bored (heated it with my butane torch and dipped it straight into the jar of powder, which -- being a plastic powder -- melted almost before the metal touched it). Notice how the verdigris can the seen under the embossing powder. Embossing powder normally isn't matte: this tag has been sprayed with a matte lacquer.

PS! Using baker's ammonia for patina (in lieu of other types of ammonia I'm guessing most people use) as I mentioned in this post seem to be working a charm. Might have some pics for you tomorrow.

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