Thursday, 12 July 2012

July bead soup palette (part 2)

This is part two of the weekly mini palettes I'm making this summer. This is a translation of my swedish post, which I wrote in a hurry, hence the short text. I'm writing in a hurry now too as I hear the thunder drawing near and soon have to get off the computer...

Pink and purple was suggested when I asked for feedback on the then new feature monthly bead soup palettes. Here is just such a colour combination, inspired by twilight skies.

The amethyst colours are copper lined, which gives them a hint of rose and an inner glow. The seed beads have square holes instead of round, a small detail that makes a big difference on lined beads. If you want some more colours, try to add a shade of blue, perhaps leaning towards indigo or montana blue. There are also copper-lined blue beads available (e.g. copper-lined montana sapphire blue).

Copper findings would look good with this colour combo.


  1. great color combo. beautiful!

    1. Thanks! These colours, especially the light amethyst copper-lined, are my favourites so it was fun to do a simple palette using them. The actual combo was a bit of a coincidence, though: the pink and amethyst fp's ended up next to each other when I was tidying up in the bead boxes.


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