Saturday, 21 July 2012

Mesh ribbon musings

I've begun a new bead embroidery project -- which was slightly hindered by two cats who had to sit on me in between my face and the beadwork -- but that doesn't keep my mind from thinking of other things too. Like this mesh ribbon.

I originally bought this ribbon because I thought the pattern was fun and it could make an interesting background for embroidery, bead embroidery or perhaps even collage/resin pendants. Either used as a single layer or doubled as in the pic below. But it's been in the ribbon bag ever since as I haven't come up with the right design/project yet.

top: double layer. Bottom: single layer.

two lengths of ribbon side by side.

Then not long ago I happened to stumble over this (scroll down). Don't remember how, but it wasn't because I wanted to find something Friendly Plastic-related. I'd never heard of Liz Welch and her ooze technique and seeing it for the first time it looked very interesting.

Now, I don't use FP and I have no intention to focus on another material right now, but the use of "my" mesh ribbon made me think of other ways to use it than the once I initially thought off.

In the end, I began thinking about using it as a mask or stencil, especially considering my interest in resist patinas. Could the ribbon be used as a resist/"bound object"? The lines are rather fine so I'm not sure; perhaps if I spray it with glue and attach it first. Or maybe I should use it with paint instead? Hold it tight or use stencil glue, dab on colour using a sponge and then remove it. No extended time in a solution during which the patina solution and seep in under the mesh threads or come loose.

For those who own a rolling mill or similar it could probably also be an interesting product to use for texturing.

close-up (note how the dark brown ribbon is really made up from two different colours)

Many ideas, but very few concrete results. However, I havve already tried to use it in another way than the once listed above. Or mor precisely I used one of the ribbon pics. As a texture over another photo. It's the only edit I did to the photo (apart from resizing and rounding the corners) as I just wanted to test the texture: the colours are as I saw them on that night. Maybe the images will need a bit more tweaking for a better effect and maybe this wasn't the best photo to use (the sunset looks even more fab without the texture), but I must say I like the crackle effect it can give an image.

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