Monday, 2 July 2012

Wild roses

In Sweden today it's Rosens dag, the day of the Rose. It's a pretty new celebration of the rose and especially the wide variety of new, old, local and international roses we have, created by Svenska Rosensällskapet (the Swedish Rose Society), Programmet för Odlad Mångfald (POM; Programme for Diversity of Cultivated Plants ) and GRO Plantskolor (organisation of nursery gardens). The date was chosen not just because many roses bloom in the beginning on July, but also because July 2nd is Rosa's (and Rosita's) name day.

Anyway, I thought it would be a fitting day to show some photos of one of the wild roses that grows on our land. I suddenly got a bit unsure whether it was a dog rose (Rosa canina; vildros, stenros, törnros) or Glaucuous dog rose (R. dumalis; nyponros). Especially since I keep calling all wild roses wild roses (=vildros), eventhough it in Swedish also is a name specifically for R. canina. But it might just interest botanists, rose enthusiasts and anyone wanting to make rose hip soup. The colour makes me think it's R. dumalis, but let's just leave at being a pretty wild-growing rose for now and let's get on with the piccies instead...


Those pics were taken in the middle of the afternoon last week. The pics below were taken on Saturday evening.

And here's a pic of the whole bush by the road.

Oh, just had to add this pic too that I got when me and Jisse went to take the evening rose pictures. (We got some landscape is amber haze too, but that's for another day).


  1. Glorious pics and interesting info. But where is Jisse?

    1. Thanks! Well... Jisse... I didn't take that many pics of him, partially because I was so focused on the roses and the sun behind the clouds and partially because I often forget to take pics of the cats because they're always there. This time I got one pic of him and I'll have to include that next time, when I show the cows-in-mist pics mentioned in the end of the post. ;-)

    2. The last photo is breathtaking. Yesterday I was having some troubles but looking at this photo made me relaxed and focused to solve the problems. Being very fond of cats, I still have to confess that no cat is needed in this pic. ;-)


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