Tuesday, 10 July 2012

July bead soup palette (part 1)

The July palette was delayed a bit as the month came so fast. I've also decided to do weekly little palettes this summer as mentioned earlier. So this week you'll also get a second palette. 

This month's palette was inspired by sunny weather and ice creams, a sort of shiny, pastel-y version of the retro summer combo red-light blue-white. All three colours are light (though the rose opal looks darker here). The colours are in various degrees milky, but the facets and luster finishes still makes the glass shiny.

The combo looks good used in "colour blocking", as above, but can also be mixed as below.

As with most three colour combinations, you can create many different effect by varying the proportions between the colours: in the pics above the colours are used in equal parts, but many times one colour is allowed to dominate and the others are used as big or small accents. Just a small variation in proportions can make a difference.

And why not omit one of the colours? That way you can create three different colour combos from this month's palette.

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