Sunday, 22 July 2012

Roses, always roses

I gathered up a few rose pics taken during July. Most of these roses have already wilted, but there will be new ones. (And, no, it's not really a coincidence that I'm posting rose pictures on this particular date.)

Those last red and white  roses are climbing roses on the facade of the barn. I don't know if I've shown any pics of the barn. At least not of the front of the barn while the roses are in full bloom so here's a pic below.

There's a climbing rose in the greenhouse on the southern end of the barn too. It was there before the big greenhouse my dad built and was sort of built into it. The rose really thrives, clinging along the roof and peeking through it (as you can see), and because of the sheltering walls and relative warmth inside, the rose usually blooms much earlier than the rest.

And, finally, a view of the crowded dog roses behind the barn. These are the ones you can see in the middle pics above (e.g. the rose with the bee).


  1. I can smell the fragrance of the roses when looking at your lovely pics. I just came home from a walk. There is a scent of roses in the air. But I'm a bit worried, I didn't see any bees or butterflies.

    1. The weather hasn't really been great for those poor little winged critters. I haven't seen as many butterflies this summer either -- there were more of them around in May than now -- but keeping my fingers crossed that they'll pop up when the thistles and other butterfly favourites start blooming. (Our neighbours are growing rapeseed this year and have a couple of hives by the field for pollination so while I haven't seen many bees, I know there should be some.)

      I'm glad you liked my rose pics. :)

  2. Lovely roses - one of my favourite flowers! Thanks for visiting my blog and following, I look forward to reading more on your blog too :-)



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