Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Working on a copper pendant.

When writing about my Vintaj blanks, I said I was a lucky girl for winning no less than three giveaways. Well, part of my luck was also winning a 50 $ gift certificate at the Rings & Things blog. One of the things I bought was a 24x19 mm copper blank (tablet shape). Didn't know what I wanted to use it for -- except that I was going to combine it with another copper blank, a 24x6 mm elongated oval with two holes, that I'd already bought from another shop.

Using a pair of round-nose pliers I bent the oval in half so it turned into a bail. In the photo I've only temporarily attached the bail on the pendant using a headpin. Because this is as far as I've come. Not sure yet what I want to do with the pendant, how I want to embellish or decorate it. Before that I don't want to attach a bail that could make it awkward to work with the pendant.

I wanted to show it already as a tip on how you can combine metal blanks -- and how you can make matching bails for your copper pendants.

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