Sunday, 10 January 2010

Chain stitch bead crochet

I really, really hate stringing beads for crocheting, but at least with chain stitch bead crochet the actually crocheting is easy and fun. The above bracelet is one that I made for a UK Beaders Forum Challenge, on the theme Golden Glow. My first time using the new Miyuki long magatamas.

The pattern is simple: 3 15/0 seeds, 1 triangle, 3 15/0 seeds and 1 long magatama. Seeds are transparent gold s/l, stitched into group of three, forming picots, and the rest are in a colour named sparkling beige-lined crystal. The thread is a straw coloured pearl silk cord.

This is the first piece I made in chain stitch bead crochet, after reading the tutorial at Bead Pattern Central. Instead of making big loops, as in the original instructions, I made each loop out of the sequence 2 11/0, 1 drop, 2 11/0. Very boring to string as I had to alternate between two different bead shapes the whole time. Using bead mixes added variation to the pattern. The thread is a brown YLI Jean Stitch.

Of cause I like to experiment with different types of threads and cords. Below is a photo of a few samples I made just to show when writing about the technique in my other blog. Sorry about the crummy photo. Silk cord, cables, craft wire, faux suede, silky novelty yarns, jewellery chain, Mac Cord, you name it.

Some of them turned out better than others... making the chain bracelet and heart bracelet was probably the most interesting. The former showed me new way of using chain, the latter was a good example of how you can pick up embellishments during crocheting, not having to string it on before starting as with beads. And I quite like the narrow bracelet with matte ivory drops and s/l burnt orange seeds -- it actually is what inspired me to make my Rowanberries bracelet (the one that won the UKBF challenge).

PS! For links to tutorials and patterns, please se my other blog.

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