Saturday, 13 March 2010

Bead blog recap week 10

Another week at Manekis Pärlblogg.

Haute Couture Beading Contest

Good Quill Hunting has announced the 2nd annual Haute Couture Beading Contest, open for international entries. Get your seed beads out and begin beading a bold piece of jewellery inspired by haute couture designs.

Decoupage pendants
A tutorial on how I make my decoupage pendants and charm, using Decopatch papers on metal blanks.

Handpainted cat and dog beads
Artbeads (and also Fire Mountain Gems) have a range of lovely hand-painted russian onyx beads. They include five cat races, five dog races and three types of parrots. Expensive, but a perfect gift for a cat, dog or parrot lover.

Lava stone
Lave make rustic and slightly unusual stone beads with its many cavities and rough texture. Did you know lave beads can be painted with silver clay paste?

Greek ceramic beads with metal finishes
If you like the look of metal and slighly chunky beads, these ceramic beads might be of interest. Silver, antique silver, gold, bronze, copper, copper brown patina, and copper turquoise patina are finishes you'll find at e.g. British The Bead Site and Swedish Meleagris.

Etched stone beads
Did you know etched stone beads have been made for at least 4 000 years? Egypt, India and Persia (todays Iran) were countries where the methods were utilized. Today you can find etched stone beads from China and Tibet as well as Western art beads.

Introduction to off-loom bead-weaving
What is off-loom bead-weaving? What beads to use? How to selecet needle and thread? Where to find instructions? What weaves are there? All these answers are discussed in this introduction to the inspiring world of seedbeading.

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