Saturday, 27 March 2010

Bead blog recap week 12

No blogging on Monday means only six posts at Manekis Pärlblogg this week.

Fashion Colorworks Beading Contest
A new international beading contest, hosted by Zoya Gutina of My Lovely Beads, where you will make a creation based on one of three colour palettes presented: Amparo blue, turquoise, and pink champagne; Tomato puree, fusion coral, and violet: Dried herb, eucalyptus, and aurora.

Trendy leather or rubber cord bracelets
Two types of leather (or rubber) cord bracelets have become popular, at least partially inspired by brands such as Pandora and BLOG by Aagard with large-hole beads and charms on jump rings attached to cord. Use braided cord for a simple bracelet or doubled leather/leather imitation/rubber for a chunkier type that can also be made twice as long for a wrap bracelet.

Make jewellery chains
Projects and tutorials for making you own jewellery chains. Many require just basic wirework tools while other types may require a torch to ball, fuse and/or anneal the wire. Includes chain maille.

Message theme contest
A Swedish bead shop announces a new jewellery design contest on the theme message and text. Use jewellery parts with words or texts -- or make your own.

Primula bracelet tutorial
How to make the bracelet in the pic above, using lucite (acrylic) flowers. Technique based on Shaggy loops.

Glues and tape
A short presentation of different glues used in jewellery making and beading, such as epoxi, E6000, G-S HypoCement, super glues, white glue, decoupage glue, and hot glue. Also discusses different types of tape that can be used: masking tape, packing tape and double-sided tape.

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