Saturday, 6 March 2010

Bead blog recap week 9

New blog posts from Manekis Pärlblogg this week.

Fix your dented hammer
Dents on the head of your planishing hammer will transfer to the metal you strike. Beading Daily will let you know how you can remove the dents. Or go in the opposite direction and turn it into a texture hammer, using your Dremel.

Alice in Wonderland
Let yourself be inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice and her visit to the Wonderland.

Riveting is popular right now -- learn how to make and use wire and tube rivets.

March Challenges
Art Bead Scene challenge you to make a creation inspired by van Gogh's Almond Blossoms while Vintaj wants you to take on the theme Heather Fields.

Russian goldplate findings and jewelry parts

The russian goldplate from B'Sue Boutiques is a lovely matte yellow finish.

Embellish pendants
Use glue to add embellishments to kitschy plastic pendants, your own soldered pendants etc.

After the pirate skulls: calaveras
We've seen many skulls by now, but recently it seems the traditional skulls are getting competition from Mexican-inspired calaveras de azúcar, sugar skulls used in the celebrations of the Day of the Dead. The calaveras are more colourful and often have floral embellishments.

Casting metal in snow (or water)
Water cast silver is perhaps nothing new, but did you know it's possible to cast silver (or pewter) in snow as well? Useful seeing how much of that stuff we've gotten this winter. Includes links to water casting.

Broom casting, bean casting and salt casting
You can create fascinating silver pendants, charms and more by pouring melted metal over a wet straw broom . Don't have a broom? Other things can also be used, such as beans and salt.

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