Thursday, 11 March 2010

Like mother, like daughter

I have a DIY light tent for taking photos on those cold, rainy, windy and/or dark days I can't be outdoors with my jewellery, beads and camera. As a light source I use a 500 w constructions light (lamp) and of cause the cats love it. Unfortunately.

We do try to keep our cats from the "bead room" for several reasons, but sometimes we let them in. And what happens when I let one of them in while photographing? When it's cold outside, there's nothing better than jumping up and get all warm and cozy under a hot lamp. What's that? Dirty paws ruins those crisp white background papers? And you can't sit on jewellery? Knocking beads over the edges? Who cares?

Above is a photo of Mimi (Mimsan) and below is her daughter, Randa. Two girls that always make sure they get what they want.

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