Monday, 15 March 2010

A bead orchid

This little "orchid" is a bead photo I made for a post, referring to a blogger, Jean Campbell, writing about a slightly different way of utilizing the "powers" stones are said to have according to crystal therapists and new age people. The blog post that inspired this photo can be found at Beading Daily. The bead combon shown in the pic is one she calls "Honey, I just crashed the car" with garnet for protection, rose quartz for acceptance of self and peridot to heal marital relationships.

It's not the world's greatest bead photo. I just wanted to show it as some sort of inspiration for what you can do with a handful of beads and a camera. To begin with I just wanted to arrange the beads in a pleasing way, choosing the beads for the material rather than shapes that would go well together, but soon it morphed into a flower. I didn't see it until I had the camera in front of me and had already snapped a few pics...

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  1. Lovely! I love orchids. I have 24 of them. This really reminds me of an orchid.


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