Friday, 5 March 2010

Winter aconite

So no spring flowers and not even winter flowers yet... I keep looking to my jewellery for signs of spring instead. This is a necklace I made in January 2008 in a word challenge. To make it I used a mix of flower components I'd bought from Sleeping Dog Studio at Etsy (AKA Wendy Baker). Amongst the pieces was these yellow flowers and green leaves that I emmidately thought looked like winter aconites together. For stamens, I made a fringe (sort of) using topaz 15/0 seeds. The necklace is strung with matte black vintage glass beads and finished off with a black clasp (not in picture).

And a pic of "the real deal" for comparison. My flower is a bit warmer, but not fully as orange-y as it might look in the photo.

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