Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Between winter and spring

We've gotten a lot of snow this winter, but last week it began to thaw so my sis and I went for a walk, taking our cameras with us. Which is not that easy when the snow reach you to the knee and sometimes above that.

It did feel like spring was coming this weekend, but then yesterday Xynthia hit us. Of cause it was not at all as bad as the (then) hurricane was when it hit Portugal and France. But enough to once again make the whole world white. Almost everything became covered in icy snow. The winds kept whipping up the snow from the ground. But a good thing with winds is that they dispel the clouds so today it's a bit chilly, but very sunny.

Anyway, here's a few pic from last week. While at least half the snow is now gone there's still too much for any spring flowers to be found in our lawn...

The pine wouldn't fit into one photo so below you see one of the interesting trunk and one of the snowclad tree crown.

Randa didn't like the snow. She kept complaining until I picked her up. But first she had to play a little.

Stating the obvious... (snö = snow)

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