Sunday, 28 March 2010

Big mistake...

On a jewellery-making forum, shrink plastics came up in conversation and one person wished it'd be possible to run it through the printer (good idea if one can't draw well) and of cause there are shrink plastics that can be used that way. So I wanted to add a link, showing an example. A fast googling later, I ended up at Crafty Computer Papers in the UK.

Thing is, while I'm not exstatic about shrink plastics -- but want to buy one or two black sheets for making jewellery parts -- I ended up finding a lot of other more or less unusual things to put in the printer: iron-on papers for dark fabric/t-shirt transfer (Sherri Haab uses these for leather jewellery), fabrics (silk, cotton, cotton organza, linen), wood veneer, rub-off decal papers, water-slide decal papers, fuzzy paper, magnetic paper (that I actually have used before). And now my head is buzzing with ideas for how these things could be incorporated in my jewellery! As if my wishlists and things-to-try lists aren't long enough...

I can understand why it has become popular to use a computer in crafts these days!

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