Thursday, 4 March 2010

Longing for spring

We still have so much snow left and now the last days, the temperature has dropped below zero again. So while I seem to wait in vain for the spring flowers outdoors, I thought I might make a few spring-themed necklaces to cheer me up.

The beads above will be used for a snowdrop necklace. Not sure exactly what I'll make of those 11 mm daggers and 7 mm long magatamas, but I know I want to use them together. The long magatama beads have the right shape for budding snowdrops and the daggers are slender like the snowdrop leaves (just compare with my photos here).

Perhaps I could've used matt opaque beads for flowers, but I only have matte crystal ones. On the other hand, these are "lighter" and look almost like thawing snow: white, but very translucent, porous and frail.

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