Sunday, 14 March 2010

Roses and leaves

I sometimes use metal (aluminium) roses, not least since I found them so cute when I began making jewellery. But it wasn't until I began adding sepals (the small leaves behind the flower/petals) that I felt they really became "my thing".

Using coloured metal sepals add to the natural look of the flower and it can also be used to enhance both the shape and colour of the roses. Try to imagine the ring and necklace below with just roses and pearls. It would work, but the roses would seem more artifical. On the other hand, the roses might also seem more "clean" without sepals so it really depends on the design. But, as I said, I always prefer the naturalistic look.

The components can be found in many different colours and sizes so there's bound to be some to fit a specific rose. I got my enamel sepals from Sleeping Dog Studio at Etsy, where you can also find other sellers stocking similar components. Some metal bead caps could also function as sepal (compare my Copper Anemones).

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