Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Vote for me?

This isn't bead related or perhaps it is because I want to win the money in order to buy beads (preferably by going to Paris).

Anyway, it's a chewing gum contest from Läkerol where I need to charm people to vote for me (pretty please). I've just created my own chewing gum mix. I love their chewing gums so of cause I had to give it a try. Licorice, toffee and passion fruit -- salty, sweet and slightly sour. The name? Well, I couldn't come up with something good...

To vote for me, click this link -- or click the button in the pic above -- and then click the button below to the right in the speech bubble. If you're Swedish you can also participate: by using my link I get bonus points (a favor I'm willing to return).

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