Monday, 8 March 2010

My tool wish list

OK, I own too few tools! I've known that for a long time and the reason it's still so is that I don't have much money to spend -- and choosing between buying beads/jewellery parts, tools, books or mags, I always end up buying beads since I get more stuff for my money that way. Besides, I can't help this addiction to tools, I've inherited it from dad...

So here's a short list of tools I wish I could afford to buy. Some more basic than others.

  • Bone folder: This I'll be buying soon actually.
  • Scribe: To mark and write/draw on metal.
  • Dapping block: Oh, I need this one to make domed pendants, flowers etc.
  • Dapping blocks for ovals: Like above, but for oval shapes -- think cabs and cameos.
  • Riveting hammer: I so want to try riveting right now!
  • Texture hammer: Love textures.
  • Ball pein hammer: I know, it's so basic, but I don't own one. I make due with other hammers.
  • Chasing hammer: I like hammers.
  • Hole punching pliers: I'm too lazy to drill, don't like the noise of electric machines
  • Jeweller's bow drill: Again, don't like noisy power tools.
  • Jeweller's saw and blades: I know, I know, another really basic tool I don't have...
  • Burnisher (curved): For my wirework.
  • Engravers: I'd be fun to try hand engraving one day.
  • Rubber mallet: I use my dad's now.
  • bail-forming pliers: also known as filigree bending pliers. Very useful and thicker than round-nose pliers.
  • Bead reamer: my current one is broken...
  • Bracelet bending pliers: I can't get a nice shape bending by hand or using my regular pliers...
  • Digital calipers: Tiny measurements are hard to read off my analog ones.
  • Wire gauge: I have a few rolls of unmarked wire I'd like to know the size of. Without resorting to estimates.
  • 0000 steel wool: will be buying soon, for polishing/cleaning metals.
  • Wax stick thingies: like perfect positioners, magical pick etc. To pick up and position tiny crystals and stones.
  • Tumbler: to harden metal
  • Awl: Useful piercing tool.
  • Steel ring mandrel: Don't make many rings, but useful when I do.
  • Steel bracelet mandrel: think this one would be more useful than the ring mandrel for me. Need a strong one to hammer wire on.
  • Soldering iron: Or a flat tip for my Dremel Versatip.
  • Charcoal or graphite soldering-thingy: Uhm, forgot the name in english...
  • Third hand: Two hand are often one too few.
  • Zutter Corner Cutter: Didn't know of this tool until I read the Vintaj blog today -- but it sure sounds useful.
One tool I never thought I'd desire is a set of letter stamps (script). I'm not fond of stamping, really. But I just got this idea -- as usual -- and I want to try it out. Not very economical, though, buying expensive tools just for one project. My sis have a set, but those letters are too large for my purposes.

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