Sunday, 20 December 2009

Aklejapussel - Aquilegia puzzle

Click to Mix and Solve

Want to have a go at my jig-saw puzzle? The photo is of our pink columbines (Aquilegia vulgaris), in Swedish know as aklejor. This is one of my favourite flowers. Love the old-fashioned romantic ones like bleeding hearts, roses, snowdrops, violets (Viola odorata) etc.

Just click the photo to go to the JigZone website were you can choose the amount and cut of the bits. And give all the other puzzles a try, mine and others. My two other puzzles have bead themes, vintage Japanese millefiori and shell pearls, as you can see in the links below.

Millefiori Jigsaw PuzzleMillefiori Jigsaw Puzzle

shell pearls Jigsaw Puzzleshell pearls Jigsaw Puzzle

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