Saturday, 12 December 2009

Manekis pärlblogg -- my blog on beading and jewellery making

Most my time I spent writing on my bead blog Manekis Pärlblogg, which is in Swedish. It's a rather big project where I write about everything from project link tips and bead colours to new products and inspirational ideas. While it is written in Swedish only I do hope non-Swedish speaking beaders take the opportunity to read it as well. You can translate from Swedish to English (or any other language) using Google Translate. Which you can also find in the Add This bar under each post.

To learn more about the blog, I've written an introduction in English here.

Also, I'm planning on writing a weekly recap in this blog, presenting the post of the weeks in English. If you find a subject of interest I hope you'll click the links to my original blog post for more info. Google Translate is far from perfect, but hopefully you'll get some of it anyway. And in many posts the text is mostly just a collection of themed links, most of them to websites in English.

What's that? Doing recaps for all the posts I've already made before starting this blog? Please don't make me do that... I've already written over 500 posts. And you might not even be interesting in "reading" a blog written in Swedish as it is (but I hope you too might find it helpful). BUT -- I'll probably write about things in this blog, based on some of the old posts at Manekis Pärlblogg. I will show bead photos -- that much I know already.

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