Monday, 28 December 2009

Got my hands on Belle Armoire Jewelry

Today I finally got the two issues of Belle Armoire Jewelry (Autumn '09 and Winter '10) that I ordered in early December, paying with some of the Christmas money my aunt gave me. I have read about the mag before and seen covers as well as excerpts from its pages, but I have never had a copy in my hands. So far I've only flipped through it, but it's fun to read a new mag and especially one that feels different from the ones I have (mostly Beadwork, which I subscribes to, and a few Bead & Button).

In January, if my budget allows it, I'll buy an issue each of a few other mags I haven't read before. Interweave publications this time. And then I'll just keep my fingers crossed that I can get hold of a couple of cheap copies of Perlen Poesie, a German bead mag, some day. My German is very rusty -- and getting worse -- so maybe it'd be educational as well as inspirational to buy it.

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