Monday, 28 December 2009

The colours of winter: peach, blue, green and brown

We did get a white (and wet) Christmas, but already on Christmas Day it began to rain away. By now the wintery whites have given way for the more common winter colours here -- heavy grey rain clouds and fog not included -- a blue sky, peach-coloured clouds in the afternoon, green grass and the many browns of bare trees and bushes. And the golden tones of dead grass and other plants. All of it mixed with the earthy and heavy colours of stone, soil, asphalt, bricks and concrete, darkened by the rain and moisture.

In December, winter can be anything but white.

The clouds get a touch of peach and straw gold already after noon. The rain-darkened lands and buildings is quite a contrast to the sky, when the sun begin to set. Slowly the white clouds start transforming into to a soft velvet and silk, set against a lavender sky. Then the sun sinks behind the horizon and the sky turns dreamy blue, a smooth canvas for the pale yellow moon. An hour later it's pitch black. The changes from day to night and night to day can be so fascinating to watch. And it has a special kind of tranquility to it.

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