Friday, 25 December 2009

2009 Bead advent calendar -- the last six

Yesterday I opened my last of the 24 advent calendar presents. Now it's time to start to think about ways of using my new beads and findings. I do know what I'm going to do with the MOP rings already -- decoupage of cause! I'm not a big fan om MOP and shell beads so I often jazz them up by covering them in decouapge papers or other types of paper. Perhaps I'll try using image transfers this time (got one sheet of transfers from NunnDesigns). Or is it time to learn how to engrave shell? I have a booklet on scrimshaw so if that technique work on MOP I might want to give that a try too.

I wanted to do something really icy with the clear flower beads. Just clear beads, perhaps adding silver tones. Another idea was to combine it with copper for more colour, but I think I want to stick to a winter theme.

One thing I've already done was to add a bit of sparkle to the princess crown charm I got on day one. I have these tiny 2 mm vintage glass stones (pointed backs) so I took a few of those and glued to the holes at the tips of the crown. And for once I managed to mix and apply epoxy glue without making a huge mess of it all!

I called it "holes", but it was really just round recessed areas, made especially for adding stones like this. Not sure all beaders using this type of charms and findings realize that they are made for stone setting because I do see much jewelry with dark, often pitch-black, "hollows" where stones would be -- stones that could've made a huge difference in the look of the charm or pendant. But then again, not all beaders are interested in messing with glues and tiny, tiny stones. They probably just buy charms that come with stones already attached if they want colour and/or sparkle.

PS! You'll find pics of the rest of the pressies here. Group photo might be coming up.

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