Friday, 25 December 2009

Brads bracelets

As some of you might already know, I enjoy looking for jewellery supplies in the scrapbooking section in the craft shops. One thing I especially like, apart from the papers, is the decorative brads that come in a wide range of styles. I use both the kind where the motif is made of painted metal and the ones with epoxy stickers on.

Brads are easily made into jewellery links or pendants/charms and they can also be attached to bracelet bases, as I've done in the bracelet above. Round brads with vintage motifs were added to a tough suede bracelet, which came already with holes. A quick project -- what took time was arranging the brads and trimming the legs so they were short enough to more or less "embed" in the suede after attaching them in the holes. (If you are looking for the same type of bracelets, I got it from Perles & Co.)

Making brads into jewellery links was one of those ideas I came up with all on my own -- and was pretty proud of doing it -- just to realise later one, when doing some online research, I'm not the only one having had this idea... See for example. In my "Colourful Sakura" bracelet I've used jump rings made of square wire as these matches the rolled up legs of the brads better in style. In the summer bracelet on the right I've instead covered the plain jump rings with Miyuki drops.

I have also found another way of making brads bracelets, unlike the methods I've used, Patty's Stamping Spot. She uses a bracelet chain and "wrap" the brads around the links. I really like this way of making brads bracelets too so I think I must have a go at something similar soon.

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