Sunday, 20 December 2009

Diving into the beads

You might have noticed in my photos that I don't have the best camera. At least it's not as good as it used to be since I've dropped it in the floor both once and twice (...ok, perhaps I've done it three times). I've never had expensive pro or semi-pro cameras, but I do enjoy photographing. Either landscape photography or macro. With a compact, no fancy SLR. And all I can say it thank god for digital cameras because now I can afford taking a zillion pics and not having to pay for expensive development, which limits you to only taking one shot when you would need perhaps ten to get the "perfect" photo.

One thing I've come to like lately is taking close-ups of bead mixes. I did this for a destash I had earlier this year and it has all the elements I love about macro shooting -- plus it includes BEADS! It's all about finding the right angles and dive into the beads. Trying to organize the beads, mixing them so that it looks good on photo. The thing with close-ups is that a boring, ordinary pile of beads can look so much more attractive when you get in close, forget about showing all the beads and just try too capture the "feeling" of the bead mix.

Here -- above and below -- are a few photos I took of the bead mixes. Some I like better than others, but all look better than the photos of the whole mixes (I had that kind too so the buyers would see exactly what they got, not just the "mood-setting" close-ups.)

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