Tuesday, 22 December 2009

"Meowy Christmas" Ornament Tutorial

*Instruktioner på svenska finner du HÄR.*

This is a pretty simple Christmas ornament I made last year. Don't know how well the text on the cat shows up on photo, but it says Meowy Christmas, hence the name for the ornament.

This ornament doesn't need a lot of supplies or time so it's perfect for last minute crafting (as long as you have useful parts in your stash already). The instructions names exactly the supplies I have used, but you can use any parts you like -- take what you have at home or buy what you like. I have no step-by-step pics, but I hope the instructions are clear anyway.

Supplies for one ornament:

48 mm gold-tone six-pointed filigree star stamping
Cat button, approx. 4 cm tall (no shank buttons)
6 x 8 mm red "pebble" glass bead
Brass pendant with 8 x 13 mm red glass drop
gold-tone eyepin or wire
Beading thread in colour matching the colour of the button around the hole
Cord to suspend the pendant, preferably golden

Tools: Beading needle, round-nose pliers, cutters, two chain-nose pliers. Drill, hole punch or awl (optional)

Techniques used: Simple loop, opening and closing loops.

1. Start by placing the button on the filigree. Move it across the star until it lays where you find it to be centred and at a pleasing angle. If there is a hole in one of the points of the star, this should point straight down.

2. Stitch the button to the star like you would sew a button onto clothes, only stitching through the holes of the filigree instead of through fabric. Keep sewing until you partially fill up the holes with thread (making them less visible) and the button is safely attached to the metal.

3. Put the glass bead on the eyepin -- or a piece of wire with a loop in the end -- and make a simple loop. Cut off excess wire.

4. Open the eye underneath the bead (the flatter side of the pebble) and attach the drop pendant. Close the eye.

5. Attach the bead link to the hole on the point of the star by opening the eye above the bead, push it through the hole, and close it. If there is no holes on the star, you can either drill or punch a small hole or put the loop around an open space in the filigree pattern.

6. Cut a piece of cord for suspending the pendant. Choose a length you prefer. 20-20 cm can be useful. Thread the cord through the open spaces in the point of the star, opposite the dangle. Make a knot and pull it tight. Trim off excess cord.

Tips: This ornament has a clear front and back. If the back will be visible when hanging, you can make it neater by stitching a filigree star onto the back of the first star, front facing outwards. Use an "invisible" golden beading thread or thin wire. A few stitches in the middle is often enough and these can be (partially) hidden under the button on the front. The bead dangle and cord will also hold the two pieces together. Don't forget to attach the button first, but attach the dangle and cord after stitching together the stars.

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