Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Wire bird's nests

Wire bird's nests with pearls as eggs seems to have been popular for quite some while, but I didn't really discover them -- as in take an interest in them -- until some weeks ago. They are really cute and didn't seem too difficult to make or require any supplies I didn't have at home. So of cause I had to give it a try or two.

Above you see my first two pendants, using leftover pearls and scraps of wire I had home. Copper was the only wire in a suiting colour I had at home so I settled with my favourite metal (next to blackened steel, brass and tin/pewter). In the tiny second pendant -- or rather, charm -- I used wire in two different gauges.

Of cause, not all birds lay their eggs in special nests, some -- like hens -- can lay their eggs in simple grass nests or just an undisturbed grassy corner, perhaps under a shielding bush or plant. As I started to use up my copper wire, I took out my thin coloured craft wire and made a small nest with brightly coloured easter eggs. As the wire was so thin (0,3 mm, suitable for crocheting), I used doubled wire in two different shades of green. The cheap pearls did not have perfect holes, going from end to end, which is the reason why some of them seem to be standing up more than others. An imperfection that in a way made the design "come alive" in a new way compared to nest where all the eggs lay down. This is a bit more three-dimensional.

There are many instructions for these nests online, either for free or tutorials for a fee: Just Something I Made, Denise Mathew (don't miss her nest ring part 1 and part 2 too), Stampington/Creative Impulse, Vintaj, Something Sublime, AnneMade Jewelry, Creations by Janice (ring) and purple8p/ (also a ring tutorial). Variations on the theme includes Cindy Gimbrone's A-layin' Pendant with a nesting bird instead of eggs and tadaosgirl's Robin's Egg Bracelet with "single egg" nests.

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