Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Framed bead flowers

Some time ago I stumbled upon some pretty flowers at Parts Club, a Japanese bead shop with many free projects (click on recipe). What I especially liked about the Swarovski-sparkling necklace I first found was how the round links were used. At the time chains with big links was very popular in Sweden -- and I really, really disliked them. But suddenly I saw new potential in them, not just crushing them or use as frames to coil on, but as frames for bead flowers.

Recently instructions for a "dreamcatcher-inspired" bag charm has also been published on the website.

As you can see, some flowers turned out better than others. The "chunky" on with teal fp drops is probably my favourite so far. Not counting the latest version, which uses the same amethyst drops as the compontent to the right, but with a second olivine flower added to the back (so they partially show through the gaps between the purple petals). Don't have a photo of that one yet so you'll just have to wait until I've made it into a finished necklace.

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