Saturday, 19 December 2009

Bead blog recap week 51

A new week of posts from Manekis Pärlblogg. From tin cup necklaces to Swedish pearl fishing.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year
Holiday greetings and a bit thank you to all my readers and those who link to my blog, recommend it to other, write comments and -- not least -- send me such greatly appreciated e-mail messages. I'm taking a leave from blogging during the holidays and will be back in early January.

Pearl fishing in Sweden -- from the medieval to modern times
Sweden has never been a large producer of pearls, but did you know that pearls have been taken from freshwater pearl mussels (Margaritifera margaritifera) in Swedish rivers for centuries until they became protected in 1994? Read about the mussels, pearl fishing through history -- including how Carl von Linné (Linnaeus) tried to cultivate pearls -- how the mussels were harvested and how they almost became exstinct.

Oil pastels on metal and painted faux patinas
Explore different ways of adding a colourful paint patina on metals. Use oil pastels, acrylic paint, enamel paints, wood stain, alcohol inks, Sharpies and more. This is not a post on painting metal, rather how to add depth and colour to recessed areas through faux patination techniques.

Finishing elastic jewellery
Elastic threads can be hard to knot and finish in a secure way. Here is a dozen tips on things you might want to consider when making elastic jewellery. Also include tips on patterns for making elastic bead-woven pieces of jewellery.

Icicle ornaments, but also a few jewellery projects is the theme in this post. Don't miss the link to the crystal trees.

Essence d'Orient, faux pearls and Swedish bleak
Yet another post on pearl history. This time a short story of how pearl essence was discovered and how the production of glass-based faux pearls started. Includes a description of how the pearls where actually made. And the Swedish angle? There was international interest in starting production of pearl essence in Sweden -- and perhaps also pearls -- but in the end no production began.

Make your own bails
Different ways of making bails for your jewellery. Includes bead-weaving, fabrication, filigree wrapping, wirework, bead stringing and metal clay.

Swivel pendants, globe beads and ceramic bead caps
A few fun products from two American bead shops, with an interesting range of beads and supplies.

Tin Cup necklaces -- and a multi-strand bracelet
How to make the "modern classic" with floating pearls. Also include a bracelet in similar style (pearls on cord), but with a very different look due to the abundance of strands used.

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