Saturday, 12 December 2009

2009 Bead advent calendar -- what I've gotten so far

This year I'm participating in a bead advent calendar at the Swedish bead/jewellery-making forum Smyckestillverkning iFokus. It's kind of like a swap where we've all made 24 little packages with beads or jewellery supplies (5-10 SEK a piece), which we sent to the organizer. She them redistributed the tiny parcels and sent out to us so that we got 24 new ones from other participants back. To be opened one a day from Dec 1 to Christmas Eve (in Sweden we celebrate Christmas on the 24th, not the 25th as many others do).

Well, now it's Dec 12th, meaning I've halfway through opening my little pressies. Here's a couple of photos on what I've gotten so far. First one (above) is from day 1 to 6 and the other pic (below) is of the beads from day 7 to 12. It may not always be your favourite type of beads or colours, but a little surprise every day is always fun. I do hope the others like the beads I've given...

(The colours aren't doing the shell beads justice: the red nuggets are not really that brightly christmas red.)

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