Thursday, 17 December 2009

More snow

The temperature dropped, snow fell and winds blew. Today the snow is too powdery too make snowballs of, but it's great weather for photographers. I forgot to recharge the batteries, but at least I got a few pics to share. (Don't miss yesterday's photos here.)

There isn't much snow as most of it blew away. But the wind also means a lot of pretty snow smoke and it forms wavy patterns on the ground, just like waves do along the shoreline.

Finally, a photo of our farm. The large tree i the middle is an old ash tree. It has a couple of large indentures on one side. Story has it they were made by a farmhand who often ran into the young tree with his cart as it was a narrow passage and he was a wreckless horse-driver. One day he cut long furrows in the stem with his knife, wanting the tree to die, but he cut the wrong way and the tree survived. And thrived. The big tree on the right is a younger horse chestnut.

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