Friday, 18 December 2009

Why wildroses and blackberries?

The name for the blog is not just a mix of two words inspired by vintage images because I'm a romantic, if anyone thought that. No, these are two things I love. They might have thorns, but are lovely to look at. The roses are so dainty and graceful and smell divine. Blackberries are sturdier and unpleasant to get caught in (ask how I know that...), but also have these shiny dark, juicy berries.

Also, they could symbolize our home, I realised some time after choosing the name. On the low stone wall, marking the northern end of our land, there grows a wild rosebush. And in the hills to the West and South of our farm, you can find brambles under the trees. Especially at the hill farthest away, near the Southern border -- opposite the rosebush -- there's a lot of blackberries.

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